Monday, October 02, 2006

Your Mission

Did you know that God has a mission for you? It is true, God has a mission for each one of us! The challenge is to figure out what that mission is. I know that life brings us many forked roads where we have to make a choice of which way to go. But if we have a sense what our mission is, then we will be better prepared for that decision when it comes.
So, I'm sure you're thinking, how can I know what my mission is? Our church has been working this year with a group called Church Resource Ministries. This group has helped us to walk through what God has for each of us in our lives. At the end of this training, we were able to write out a vision statement for our lives. My vision statement says this: I invest myself in my family, and a church which engages itself in a culturally diverse community, to motivate them to know God, be committed in service, and faithful in character.” Since I have this statement clearly before me, I am able to know the direction in which I am to be headed. Even more, whenever I reach a fork in the road, I have a guide to help point me down the right path.
So how can you find your mission? The simple way is to ask yourself this question: "What am I passionate about?" As you answer this question, it will help you to know how God has formed you, and what God has for your life purpose. For example, in the book of Exodus, you see that Moses is passionate about his people being mistreated and in slavery (Exodus 2:11-12). God ultimately uses this passion to send Moses to free the Israelites from their slavery (Exodus 3ff).
When you go through life unsure of your mission, you will seek after many things and allow yourself to stray after this and that. You will lack focus and direction, and spend your energy in wasteful ways. So my challenge to you today is to try to write out for yourself a vision statement; a simple statement that expresses your passion. Then write out a few specific goals that could help you start to achieve this vision. And know that as you do, God will use you in wonderful ways, and lead you down the path designed for you. I will write more tomorrow about how our mission can and should connect with the church. Tell me what you think.