Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Every year, on the first Sunday of the year, we hand out Epiphany stars. Each star has a word on it. As you receive this star, it is supposed to be your "word" for the year. It is God's encouragement to you for the year. There are many words; words like faith, support, encouragement, surrender, etc...
My word for this year was "opportunity." The fun thing about getting the word in this random manner is to see what God might do in and through me. This year I have seen how God has given me many opportunities. Opportunities for service, opportunities for new friendships, opportunities for mentoring, opportunities to make a difference. I believe because of this word, I have been more aware of the opportunities placed before me.
How about you? If God were to give you a word, what might that word be? How have you felt God prodding you? Leading you? Challenging you? I encourage you to think through these questions. It will help you to know how God has been with you throughout the year.
God bless!