Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lost Tomb of Jesus

As I write today, I want you to know I am not writing in any way as an expert, but as one who is passing on my thoughts and information. A couple of days ago there was an article in the paper about some filmmakers who are doing a documentary on "The Lost Tomb of Jesus." They believe that researchers have uncovered 2 ancient stone boxes that they say may have once contained the remains of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. If this is true, it would make the New Testament non-valid.
Many scholars have already come forward to deride these claims as unfounded and contradictory. But on March 4, on the Discovery channel, Oscar-winning director James Cameron is producing a show that will talk about this finding. As Cameron says: "There's a definite sense that you have to pinch yourself."
However, the evidence is very sketchy, and not to be believed. If you want a more scholarly take on this, you can go to Ben Witherington's blog ( In his blog he shows how these "ossuries," as they are called, are not to be received as Jesus' remains, and that the proof is not there.
Above that, if you were to understand the evidence that shows Jesus being resurrected, and appearing to hundreds of people, and the fact that His remains were not found in the tomb he was buried in, then you would understand that this "lost tomb" idea could in no way be true. The evidence about Jesus' death and resurrection is overwhelming. For more on this thinking a great book is Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ." Also, you can go to Mark Roberts blog and see several blogs about Jesus' death and resurrection (,
I am amazed at how people are trying to prove that Jesus was not God in the flesh, and that Jesus did not die on the cross for our sins, and that Jesus was not raised from the dead. In fact, people seem to get excited if they think they come across information that contradicts this teaching (i.e. The DaVinci Code). And yet, the truth remains that Jesus is God in the flesh, He did die on the cross, and He was resurrected, and He did ascend into heaven. Jesus is alive, and is our Savior and Lord. The Bible talks extensively about it, and history supports it.
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