Friday, February 02, 2007

Give Yourself to God

In my last blog, "Whom Do You Serve?" (January 30, 2007), I talked about the need to decide each day if you would serve God, or if you would serve your selfish desires. Today I want to talk about how important it is to give ourselves to God. The truth is, God has given Himself totally to us. When God took on flesh in Jesus Christ, He came to live among us so that we might see who He is (John 1:14). When Jesus went to the cross and died for our sins, He gave us the ultimate gift; Himself.
Now we need to ask ourselves the question: Do I want to give myself to God? I don't mean sometimes; I don't mean half-hearted. I mean really give ourselves to God. To do this, we have to make God a priority. Just like it is important to give of my time and energy to my kids and my wife, so I need to make my time, energy, efforts, and possessions God's. How I love others is a way to give myself to God. How I find ways to serve others is a way I give myself to God. Taking time to read the Bible or pray is how I give myself to God. The list could be endless, but each of us has to decide which of these ways (we can and should give ourselves to God) are the way God wants us to give ourselves to Him.
So the challenge is: today, will you make a commitment to give yourself to God? How will you do that? Let me know (