Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jesus is Coming

Think about a time you invited someone over to your house, maybe even for dinner. As the time approached you were excited about them coming, but you were also concerned about having everything ready; the table set, the pot roast prepared, the house clean, getting yourself dressed, etc. It was a joyous, but nerve racking time.
I think the idea of Jesus coming is a similar experience. We are excited at this idea. When Jesus returns it will mean we will get to see him face to face. When Jesus comes we will get to experience His presence. When Jesus comes we will get to ask Him all of our questions. When Jesus comes we will get to learn so much more than we know now!
But, on the other side, we are a little anxious. Am I ready for Jesus to come? Do I have my house in order? I don't mean our literal house, I mean our mind, body, and spirit (the temple of God). Am I ready for Jesus to return? Are you?
This puts the challenge to me; to us. It causes me to reflect on how I am living my life. Will Jesus be please with who I am? With how I am treating others? With the ministry I am doing? And as I think about this I can overall say that I am doing pretty well. Of course there is always room for improvement.
And this area of improvement is exactly what I need to focus on. I want to let this blog challenge me to lift before me the areas where I fall short. Not as a judgment against me, but as an opportunity to be reminded of who God wants me to be. And I hope this blog prods your thinking to do the same.
Tell me what you think.