Thursday, February 15, 2007

Light in the darkness

A couple of months ago my kids were spending the night at my aunt and uncle's. At the end of the night I turned off the light and started to go upstairs, but something felt different. Was it just that the kids weren't there? Was it that there was less noise because of their absence? At first I couldn't decide what was different, but then it hit me. We normally have 2 night lights in Tiffany's room, one in Tyler's room, and one in their bathroom. But since they weren't home, none of the night lights were on. The difference was that it was very dark. Thankfully I know my house well enough to get around in the dark.
As I thought about this, I thought about this as a truth in our own lives. How often are we walking around in the dark, feeling like something is not right, but not knowing exactly what it is that isn't right? Maybe you are asking yourself questions like: Where am I in this relationship? What is going on with my job? How is my faith with God?
Sometimes we are in a place of darkness, and we need God's light to show us the way. As we are told in Isaiah 42:16, "...I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground..." God can shine light into our darkness and help us to know what is right. God can help lead us past the rough places and onto smooth ground. But we have to seek Him out and let Him lead.
And the truth is, when we start to follow the path God lights before us, it might not feel comfortable. Sometimes when you're on the right road, it might not feel right at first. It doesn't feel right because it is so different from the wrong road we have been traveling. We have to get used to the light God is shining before us.
Where are you right now? Are you walking in the dark, but not realizing it? Are you seeking after God, but haven't found Him yet? Are you questioning the path you are walking? Let God shine His light before you, and let God smooth out your way. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your thoughts. (