Wednesday, October 08, 2008


In life it is important to admit the weaknesses, faults, and limitations we have in life. This is important, because until we admit this, we fool ourselves into thinking e are somebody that we are not. However, it is not easy, because to admit these things, makes us feel that we are less of a competent person. But admitting my shortcomings is not about putting myself down. It is about coming to terms with the "real" me. There is nothing wrong with having shortcomings, because everyone has shortcomings.
What this is really about is being transparent. Too often in life we try to put on masks, facades, and pretend we are someone that we are not. The problem with this is that we can never be comfortable with who we are, because we never live the life of who we truly are. We try to be what we think others want us to be.
Where I need to start with my transparency is with God. I know that God already knows who I am, since the Bible informs us that God formed my inward being. But being transparent with God is important, because it allows me to admit who I am to the One who loves me the way I am. A good way to be transparent to God is through journaling. In journaling I can share with God my true and honest thoughts and feelings. How freeing it is to put down on paper what I am, and the emotions that are inside. It is a wonderful release.
Another form of being transparent is admitting my sins. Too often, until I admit my sins to God, it is easy for me to pretend that they are not real. But once I reveal them, I need to deal with them. This too is a healthy practice. In the Bible, in Psalm 32, verse 3, it says: "When I kept silent, my bones wasted away..." Confession is the transparency that is needed when it comes to our sins. When we don't confess to God, our sin stays within us, and creates a guilt that eats at our being.
I am grateful that I can be who God created me to be. I can admit my limitations and faults and shortcomings, because that is who God created me to be. By being transparent in this way I can be more content in my living, because I don't have to pretend. And when I confess, I receive forgiveness from my sin from God and can live as a person who is free of all guilt.
Where do you need to be more transparent? Start today!