Thursday, November 04, 2010

Priority Mail

Priority mail is mail that is expedited to a two-day delivery service by the U.S. Postal Service. It is for mail that would otherwise go out first class. You choose priority mail, even though it costs more, because you believe that it is important for this mail to get to its destination in an “expedited” manner. This is a great service, especially if you are on a deadline and need your letter there quickly. In this case, you decide it is worth the extra cost to ensure that you will not be embarassed by missing your deadline.

As a recipient, when you get priority mail, you know that it is important. Because of this, you probably open the priority mail before any other mail. It is mail that you need to deal with quickly. Hence the name ‘priority.’ It is sent in a speedy manner so that the one it is being sent to can get it as quickly as possible (although there is now overnight mail as well).

I found it interesting that our blog group would pick this topic, and it was probably chosen to challenge us in our thought process. I also found it interesting because so many people don’t use the mail serviice much anymore with the invention of the internet. I rarely send a hand written letter out, especially if I know the person has e-mail. It is quicker and more convenient.

As I thought about this topic, it took me to an illustration I had heard in our Alpha Class (Bible basics class). The illustration is that the Bible is like a “love letter” from God. Imagine that you were to get a letter from someone that was very near and dear to your heart. You wouldn’t set that letter aside to read days later, but rather you would open it right away to read what thoughts they had put down on the letter. You would try to take it all in, and maybe even read the letter 2 or 3 times. On top of that, you would probably keep the letter for possibly reading another time, or for remembering the words they wrote for you alone.

The correlation here is that because the Bible is God’s love letter to us, it is like getting ‘priority mail.’ It is something that is important, and something we need to get to right away. We shouldn’t put it off, or set it aside for a future day. It is sent to us as a “priority” for our lives, and should be responded to as a priority. We should act as though there were a deadline for us to act upon it, since in reality there is a deadline. Every day that we fail to read and apply the Bible, is another day that we fail to set aside our sinful ways and live for God. Every day that we fail to acknowledge that God’s word should guide us, is another day that we fail to humble ourselves and let God be our counselor and guide.

SO, I encourage you to see your Bible as “priority mail,” and go right over to it now to read. Have a great day!