Monday, June 11, 2007

Putting it Together

If you have ever done a puzzle, you know that it is important to have the picture on the box available to you. The picture helps you to see what the finished outcome will look like. The picture helps to give you perspective about where the pieces go so that they will fit together.
In life, we have the same challenge. Only, people often seek to live their lives without any picture in mind. And so they scramble around to do this or to do that, getting frustrated when the picture is not coming together.
My last 3 blogs have been trying to show how God has purpose and vision for our lives. We saw how our "biblical purpose" is to BE with God and to BE in relationship with God. Out of this relationship, God gives us values for our lives. These values help us to shape who we are and how we live. Also, out of these values we discover God's vision for our lives. We each have a passion in our heart and mind that drives us.
And yet, knowing these things still leaves us short if we don't seek to apply it to our lives. It all comes together when we put it together and begin living it out. So, once you have your vision, you need to start establishing goals that fit within that vision. (For a look at how to set reasonable goals you can see my January 8, 2007 blog, "Setting Goals.")
My vision statement says: "I invest myself in my family, and a church which engages itself in a culturally diverse community, to motivate them to know God, be committed in service, and faithful in character." So, the things I am doing in my life should reflect this statement if I am going to live out the purpose God has for me.
Some of the things that I am doing that fits in this vision, is mentoring people to find and live out their vision, leading our church towards doing ministry to Hispanics in our community, and giving my time to my children to further their growth in life and their relationship with God.
So what do you need to do to know and live out your vision? If you would like some assistance in this please e-mail me at