Thursday, April 05, 2007


As a minister, much of
my day is spent
seeking to find ways
to teach, lead, and
help people. The nature
of the job is one of
giving myself away.
Because this is true,
I do know that for me
to do my job well, I
have to stay physically,
mentally, emotionally,
and spiritually healthy.
Consequently, having
people in my life who
give to me, who fill me
up, is vital.
I thank God for my wife
(Tami)and my 2 children
(Tyler and Tiffany).
They bring great
happiness to my life.
They are great
supporters of what
I do, and their love
and encouragement helps
me to stay grounded.
Their faith and strength
increases my faith and
strength. Their desire
to know and love God
pushes me forward as
I believe it is important to have encouraging and positive people around me. These people help to further the mission of the church, and remind me that I don’t walk alone in this journey. My elders are not only called to govern the church, but to pray for me, and the ministry as well. My Deacons are not only called to minister to those in need, but to pray for me, and the ministry as well. I am thankful for my prayer support team that regularly prays for me and brings me spiritual strength. My church overall is a great to support as we walk together to carry out God’s call for our church. And I am equally thankful to those in my life who mentor me and keep me on task and accountable. God has blessed me with many people who love me and support me; who pray for me and care for me; who want to see me succeed. God does not call us to do life alone.
Do you have people in your life who lift you up? Who keep you going when things are hard? Who are they?
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