Sunday, January 13, 2008

Taking Away the Decorations

I know that Christmas is a couple weeks past, but I was thinking today about how there is a tendency to let the Christmas spirit fade away once we have taken the decorations away. I love the decorations of Christmas. It brings such a festive atmosphere, but can also bring a let down once they are put away.
However, stated in an article by Vern Farnum, called "De-Decorating," he says: 'De-decorating is our way of getting back in touch with the routine reality of daily life. As we take down the lights and signs of the Christmas season, I hope we will not box away our faith with the decorations. Instead, may we carry with us the lessons of the season as we step back into real world.' "
I believe this is true. First, if it were Christmas all year long, we would lose touch with the more simple aspects of life. Life can't be all decorations, and partying all year long. However, second, we do need to keep with us the love, hope, joy, and peace that Christmas reminds us of. We do need to make sure that we keep the lessons of Christmas (the coming of God into the world to save us from our sins) in the forefront of our minds.
So, as we have now left Christmas, may we seek to remember what Christmas has taught us, and keep this spirit in our every day lives.