Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy Week

Palm Sunday starts holy week. Holy week marks the last week of Jesus' life. Many churches (including mine) have services that help us to celebrate (remember) this last week of Jesus' life. On Thursday, we will be having a service that remembers Jesus meeting with His disciples, instituting the Last Supper, washing their feet (as an example of how they should serve others), and getting arrested. Then on Friday (Good Friday) we remember Jesus being found guilty, flogged, and crucified. Jesus' death is not to be forgotten, as it is a sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins. Then finally, we come to Easter Sunday. While this is probably the most attended day of church, many people don't fully understand the significance of Easter. It is the day that Jesus was raised from the dead. Jesus is no longer in the tomb, but has been raised to life and now reigns in heaven.
Some people hear about all of these services, and wonder if it isn't a little much. Why all these services? My response, is that if Jesus Christ can make the commitment to go through it all, then I think we can make the sacrifice of our time to remember and honor God. I know for me, as I perform the services, I am brought into a better sense of realization of how much God loves me, and the extent He went to so that I could be free from my sin, and have eternal life.
There is a wonderful poem I read yesterday in the service that I would like to close with here; it is simply called JESUS.

He is more than a keepsake to be hidden away.

He is the Keeper of my life, keeping me each day.

He is more than an heirloom, that’s handed down to me.

He has made me an heir to His royal family.

He is more than a companion, who walks by my side.

He is the light leading before me; He is my guide.

He is more than a servant, fulfilling all my whims.

He is my Lord and my master, with me serving Him.

He is more than a man who lived and walked the earth.

He is King of the universe from a holy birth.

He is more than a stranger who comes to eat and rest.

He’s the Host of a heavenly banquet—I’m His guest.

He’s the reason for living: I in Him—He in me.

Jesus is my all in all throughout eternity.

What could you give to God this week to show your thanks? How are you going to remember Jesus' last week of His life? May you have a blessed Holy week.