Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chocalate Chip Cookies

I have used this blog to talk about many theological and spiritual issues, but sometimes it is good to think on the lighter side of life. So today I want to talk about chocolate chip cookies. Why chocolate chip cookies? Well, it happens to be the topic of my blog group, but it also is a way to think about one of life's good and simple pleasures. And in thinking of these simple pleasures, it helps us to keep equilibrium and not get too serious.
When I think of chocolate chip cookies I first of all think about my childhood. My mom would often make chocolate chip cookies. It was wonderful to have this tasty dessert, especially when they were hot out of the oven. Milk and chocolate chip cookies are one of the great treats of life.
But when I think of chocolate chip cookies, I also think about the wonderful balance of the dough and the chocolate chips. In life, the right combinations can make two things that are good, become together something that is great. We can see this in good teams, where good players joining together make a great team.
Or even more, a man and a woman coming together to be married and make a great partnership. This is true for my wife and I. In this partnership, my wife makes me a better person, and hopefully I make her a better person. Together we do great things in and through our lives.
So, hopefully for you and for me, next time we're eating a chocolate chip cookie, let's enjoy it for what it is, the delicious dessert, and let it remind us how God combines us with others to do great things!