Thursday, September 06, 2012

Why is it important to read the Bible?- Part 2

Back on April 26, 2012 I wrote part 1 of why I believe it is important to read the Bible. Yet, today I felt that I needed to comment more on this, because so many have gotten out of the habit of reading the Bible. Along with this, many people don’t even bring their Bible to church so they are not able to follow along with the scripture readings! We need to get back into the habit of carrying our Bible with us and reading it daily!!
            Every night my wife and I read devotions to our kids before they go to bed. However, Tiffany’s newest devotion doesn’t write out the scripture (you actually have to look it up yourself!). The other night when we started this devotion, I noticed this, and commented to Tiffany that we need to read the scripture. She responded by saying that there was a good story and a prayer, so that should be enough.
            This got me to thinking, is it important that we read the Bible for our devotions? The answer for me was “yes,” for these reasons:
1.      It is in the Bible that we get the story of creation, our fall (through the sin of Adam and Eve), and our redemption. The pages of the Bible are full of teachings about these truths. It is all too easy to forget what God has done for us in Jesus Christ, through His death and resurrection.
2.      It is in the story of Jesus Christ and His example that we see how God created us to live and how we have fallen short. Without regularly keeping this truth in front of us, we will stray away from God and fall into our sinful way of living.
3.      The Bible reveals to us God’s nature and the personal relationship God wants to have with us. Even more, the Bible instructs us in the life we are called to live. The Bible also helps us get to know God and His ways all the more.
4.      The Bible helps to guide us into the purpose God has for us. So many people are walking around this world without understanding their purpose. The Bible leads us to that purpose and keeps our eyes focused on it!
5.      The Bible is the truth of God. When we read the Bible we are able to understand what is good and what is bad; what is right and what is wrong. The Bible helps us to stay strong in what is true so that we won’t get deceived by Satan or by the temptations of the world.
I hope that you will commit yourself today to reading the Bible regularly. It is more than just a story. It is THE story. Blessings.