Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Looking out the window

The picture here of a person looking out the window can lead us to many different thoughts. Sometimes looking out the window represents someone who is reflective in nature. Looking out the window can also cause us to think of someone who is lonely or alone. It could represent someone who is isolating themselves from the world. Even more, it could be a way to protect yourself from the outside world.
God created us to be in relationship. The most important relationship in our lives is the one we have with God. In this relationship, it is important to have times of quiet and reflection. It is in these times of reflection that we get a sense of where we are in life, and where God wants us to be. In these times of reflection we slow down enough to listen to God and feel God's love.
Our world is full of lonely people. In the Aerosmith song "Angel," the first 2 lines of the song say: "I'm alone, yeah, I don't know if I can face the night I'm in tears and the cryin that I do is for you..." This song is talking about the loneliness of a relationship not working out. How often in life do we struggle in our relationships, and this struggle leads us to isolation. That is why our relationship with God is so important, because it gives perspective to all other relationships, and keeps us from ever really being alone.
I know a number of people who tend to isolate themselves from the world. Some isolate themselves because of feelings of anxiety and a difficulty of being around others. Others isolate themselves because they feel that the world is miasmic, and they don't want to pollute themselves from the evil of the world. The window helps them to feel protected. We are told in Romans 12:2- "Do not be conformed to this world..." Yet Christ told us in Matthew 28:19 to "Go therefore and make disciples..." The challenge is to go our into the world, and yet keep ourselves from becoming stained or polluted by the world.
Let us see what God wants us to see, and then receive the power of God to go out and share God's love. Let us not get stuck "looking out the window."