Monday, February 05, 2007

Sharing with Others

We all have people in our lives who don't make good decisions. And if you are like me, it hurts you to see them struggling. And as I watch their life, I know that one of the biggest reasons that they are struggling is that they don't have Jesus Christ in their lives. I know that sharing Christ with others is big in our society right now, but I believe that is much of what is wrong with our society; everybody is trying to take Jesus out of life.
In this blog, I want to encourage us to be determined to share out faith with those around us. First and foremost because they need Jesus to be saved. But secondly, because I believe that if people let Jesus be their Lord, they will make better decisions and they will live more joyful lives.
I want to share a formular I came across the other day: Formula: HP + CP + CC = MI. This formula comes from Mark Mittelberg's book "Becoming a Contagious Christian." The formual says this: HP (high potency) + CP (close proximity) + CC (clear communication) = MI (maximum impact). What this is saying is that since we are the person who knows the person we care about (close proximity), then if we can spend a good amount of time with them (high potency) and share our life with them (communitcation), then we can have an impact in their life.
The most profound way to impact someone's life, is to share with them the difference Jesus makes in your life. There is nothing more powerful than seeing someone who is real, and who has struggles, but who is making it through because of Jesus. When we share how knowing Jesus helps us to make better decisions, then maybe it will help others as well.
So what keeps you from sharing your faith with others? Let me know (

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